Netherlands popular among Chinese and American tourists


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In 2015 almost 15 million international tourists visited the Netherlands, 7 percent more than the year before. According to a forecast of the bureau NBTC Holland Marketing. The number of Chinese who donned our country, the most spectacular growth. Also, Americans are finding Netherlands.

Germanywasthe main supplierwith over4.2millionvisitors, up 10percent froma year earlier.Belgium is inasecond placewithnearly2milliontourists.Britaindroppeda placeandcomeswithmore than1.9millionin third place. Of thetourists, 80 percentfrom Europe.

In 2015, 300,000 Chinese came to the country, 21 percent more than the year before. For the first time since 2006, there were again more than 1 million Americans. This was partly due to the improving economy and the cheap euro.

The number ofJapanese peoplefell by15percent toaround 125,000.

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