The Best Dutch Beaches



The Best Beaches in the Netherlands

Zandvoort Beach
Zandvoort Beach

Located in North Holland, Zandvoort is a beach that is especially popular with tourists. Its sweeping sandy beaches are just 24km from Amsterdam. The area is home to a dog friendly and nudist beach. There are also plenty of bars and restaurants as well as nature reserves. Adventurous travelers can spend the afternoon windsurfing, sailing or kitesurfing.

Scheveningen Beach
Scheveingen Beach

Scheveningen is, arguably, the country’s most famous beach resort. This stretch of long sandy beach includes a pier, an esplanade, a harbor and a stunning lighthouse. Tourists can spend the afternoon soaking up the sun or windsurfing. Scheveningen also features a number of excellent bars, cafes and restaurants for those who wish to spend some time out of the sun. Beach parties are a regular occurrence at Scheveningen, but tourists can also go shopping, gamble in the local casino or spend the night bowling.

Egmond aan Zee Beach
Egmond aan Zee Beach

Egmond aan Zee is the most popular family beach in the Netherlands. Today, the area serves as a small fishing village and also features a small museum. Tourists will find a lighthouse at Egmond aan Zee, which is worth visiting. The nearby dunes are home to many different wildlife species, including wild foxes and horses.

Texel Beach
Texel Beaches

Texel beach is ideal for active and adventurous travelers. In order to make the most of what Texel has to offer, it is best to spend the entire afternoon there. Many tourists enjoy taking a bicycle ride around the island or going for a mud walk. The island features a unique dune landscape in which one-third of the land is protected as a nature reserve.

NL Beach

If you plan on traveling to the Netherlands in the summer, be sure to visit one of the many beaches the country has to offer. While the country may not be known for having the most ideal weather, you are sure to experience at least a few sunny days in which you can sit back, relax and soak up the sun’s rays.


The top 25 of Dutch beaches:

Zoutelande, Zeeland
Vlieland, Friesland
Terschelling, Friesland
Texel, Noord-Holland
Ameland, Friesland
Cadzand, Zeeland
Westkapelle, Zeeland
Schiermonnikoog, Friesland
Burgh-Haamstede, Zeeland
Schoorl, Noord-Holland
Domburg, Zeeland
Bergen aan Zee, Noord-Holland
Egmond aan Zee, Noord-Holland
Julianadorp aan Zee, Noord-Holland
Renesse, Zeeland
Vlissingen, Zeeland
Scheveningen, Zuid-Holland
Nieuwvliet, Zeeland
Zandvoort, Noord-Holland
Wassenaar, Zuid-Holland
Ouddorp, Zeeland
Noordwijk, Zuid-Holland
Callantsoog, Noord-Holland
Kamperland, Zeeland
Den Helder, Noord-Holland



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Dutch Zandvoort nude beach in the top 8

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For those who like nude sunning not miss this post. For our own Zandvoort beach (pole between 68.5 and 71) best visited by naked sunning in the Netherlands. Okay, obviously you want peace and no crowds, but the beach is appreciated of course, is not for nothing!

Viva la France

The most famous nude beach in the world is about twelve hour drive or two hour flight from the Netherlands. Cap D’Agde is also known as the Capital of Naturism. There’s even an entire village for nudists: Village Naturist.

Also In Croatia you can find the nudes; in Koversada is the largest nudist campsite in Croatia. In sunny Miami is the most famous nude beach in America. Visitors have been very fan of this beach with its clear waters and fine like atmosphere. Hence the beach is also popular with clad beachgoers. A bit further on Baker Beach in San Francisco can sunbathe with impressive views.

The Top 8 nude beaches worldwide

1./ Cap D’Agde, France

2./ Koversada, Croatia

3./ Haulover Beach, Miami

4./ Place des Grottes, France

5./ Baker Beach, San Francisco

6./ Zandvoort, Netherlands

7./ Es Trenc, Majorca

8./ Orient Beach, St. Maarten